Thai Storm

Storm SunSet-2

Cover Shot

I’m breaking new ground here as we’re all going to do a bit of time travel together! The thought being inspired by a photo of an official looking sign that was posted on TwitTwot. It read “Anyone interested in time travel, meet here last Thursday at 5pm” which i thought was quite funny :-). We are travelling back to the island, to the date of the 2nd of November 2014. Having ditched my idea to inform you The Island blog had been updated to now include what was our best day to date.

We were interested in doing something different and Weee had told us he could organise a boat trip for us around the Island with a bit of snorkelling. It would cost 2000 baht for the day with free beer :-).


£30 for the day not forty

He asks if his brother can come along, a big friendly guy, we are more than happy for his company. Myself and the KP enjoy breakfast on the front whilst they go to sort out the boat. Upon returning Weee has good news, the boat with a two man crew is 1500 baht not 2k. I’m really happy with this, not so much the 500 saving, but the honesty of the man we’ve only recently met. Especially as Thais have a bit of rep for taking you for as much as they can!

We’re off out on the boat, a typical long tail, circling the island which is just 10Km long by 5Km wide. We head around the coast and Weee is pointing out secret beaches and significant stones etc…  I ask if we can see the monkey’s fishing? We all just laugh. It’s interesting to see the Captain directs the boat with his foot, which we later discover is common actually. Longtail captains are easy to spot, one of their feet looks like they’ve been storing a big sausage alongside their big toe, either that or they’re experts in self foot masturbation!

Foot control

Better foot control than Gareth Bale

The boys

The Boys on Tour

Before the storm

Looks a nice day for it ?

The snorkelling is not meant to be fantastic due to minimal coral, which is just as well as there’s no flippers, only masks. It’s an activity which will be fun anyway as the water is warm & clear, so visibility should be good. We’re off at the first stop with Weee in charge of the K7 and he got some good shots of us.


Who’s Who ?

Snork Blurred

Blurry Frogman

As expected the coral is practically non-existent, we do spot a few fish but their numbers are sparse. Anyway it’s good practice for the KP, she’s never worn a mask before. We continue further around the Island to another spot near rocks that form a mini island. It’s a little better but not the amazing colourful experience which you are meant to get at nearby Koh Surin, in the Andaman sea. Trips are only available there during peak season, now the rainy season has only just finished and as it’s a three hour speed boat journey, it’s too risky a trip.

Crew member

Anchors away

There’s another island just off Phayam and Weee asks if we’d like to go there, why not we respond, he’s very happy as yet to visit there himself. Just as we approach the skies turn black and it starts pissing it down! The rain is bouncing off the surface of the sea. Thai storms can be quite fierce but they usually don’t last long, not that I’m an expert in this field, just speaking from experience, when they do hit tho’ they hit hard. Now as you all may have heard we get rain in wales, there’s rugby, male voice choirs & shagging sheep which we are famous for :-). What’s unique about it, the rain, especially up the valleys, its often horizontal. Thai rain tends to drop vertically but the drops are huge, like golf balls. We experienced it on the maiden Thai trip, you get soaked to the skin in 30 secs, as if you’ve jumped in the bath fully clothed.

Kp in the storm

At least she’s dressed for it

Weees brother (a close friend) shits out so the three of us get off the boat into the waist deep water and seawalk the 100 metres or so to shore. The K7 like most Pentax camera’s is weather sealed so in the excitement I’m cracking off shots oblivious to the fact we fucking cracked the top screen 3 days prior. It was a mistake that produced positives in the future, one of them being the introduction to the world of ginger bond, aka Double oH GinG, coming soon to a movie house near you!

It’s tamping down now and we can’t stop laughing. To be honest looking at the boat, I’m not fkin sure it will still be there when we get back. The KP doesn’t seem to care so I’m blasey also, sometimes you just need to say fuck it!

Storm Boat-2

Hoping it’s not the last we see of the longtail

We have no idea where we are heading and neither does Weee, we follow him regardless. Through some overgrown bushes and debris brought by the ocean we happen upon a dwelling which actually caters for guests. The place is run by an Italian couple who’ve been here about seven years. The guy shows us around and also the extensive debris brought daily by the sea. It’s a full time job to clear it and with it being off peak season it’s been allowed to gather, flips flops, shoes, plastic bottles, coconuts & bags line the shore. So please think before you dispose of waste overboard! The storm breaks so myself and the KP go off for a bit of exploring and even get romantic for five minutes in the woods just as it starts pissing down again.

Storm Island

Shelter found

Before leaving we have a beer whilst Weee is chatting to the guy, he explains that sometimes it’s possible to walk to the bigger island for a few hours window each day, that dependant on the location of the moon and how the tide is. It’s similar along the Welsh coast, numerous times tourists have needed to be air rescued from rock outcrops when they’ve misjudged the tide. It’s a message that you should never fuck with the sea, which is what we’ve just done! So we are more than happy to see the boat waiting for us when we want to leave, even if it’s further away!

Storm leaving

Happy the Longtail is waiting

We wade our way back out to the boat, happy to be re-united with the crew, there’s a few beers left and we crack into them whilst we get some big toe navigation back to shore. It’s always nice to be out at sea, well that is unless your on a rig in the north sea, or a fishing boat in the Atlantic. But it’s always a better feeling to get back on dry land, especially if you’ve had a cracking day like us, and the blue flash is waiting to take you home :-).

Back on land

Happy to have made it back.

Our next trip to the Island is almost ready to go to press, so coming at you soon, I can inform you that Koh Surin is included. So keep tuning in people and spread the word. Ohhh and if you like my effort, please click the button to say so.

3 thoughts on “Thai Storm

  1. Looked a cracking day out. I remember tha rain on the maiden trip…10 steps if that, from Taxi to hotel lobby and you looked as if you had been dipped in a swimming pool 🙂


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