The Curse Of The 5 Star Hotel

I’ve stayed in quite a number of 5 starer’s. Lived in a few actually and they almost always:

– are without character.
– provide a welcome gift.
– have excellent service.
– populated by wankers.

Welcome Gift

Welcome Gift – Usual bollocks

This hotel on Sokha beach fails to deliver one of the above. Unfortunately it’s the 3rd listed item, not the fourth. Ohhh and everything is always daft expensive. Thankfully that’s not the case here with professionally made cocktails coming in at $5, very reasonable.

Ok not everyone who stays in a five star hotel is a wanker. The percentage is high though, 70-80% in my opinion.  What that then does is convert the remaining 20-30% of guests into wankers also. Ourselves included,  that’s assuming we weren’t already :-).

Hotel guests do not interact with each other, as if everyone else is too special.  This creates a shit atmosphere which in this particular hotel also has an impact on the locals. The first time since we have been in country the locals look serious and not their usual happy go lucky looking selves.

The idea of staying here was to avoid the now busy, backpacker overrun town. Which we are told is also a magnet for those that love ice,  a cheap, dirty & highly addictive local narcotic. So the hotel delivered there,  I got exposed to the town for a few brief minutes whilst arranging our travel to the Islands. I got offered ice twice before I was heading back to the oasis.  Billy would be appalled what they did to his town. It’s been developed at breakneck speed into a mish mash of bars, hotels and travel agents. Much like many spanish beachside resorts which the British influence killed in the 80’s.

We enjoyed the cocktails, especially at the pool bar (a first for the KP) and the early morning runs on the beach, movie style (honest, we actually did a bit of fitness). However staying at the hotel was a mistake. Or maybe not? It’s given us a good lesson as to fuck off 5 star wanking hotels and also given us time to decide which Island to visit!

Dragon Statue

Five Star Dragon

As we leave we are feeling the time was well spent, we changed our minds as to which Island to visit, we are feeling confident it’s the right choice. Lets go and find out ?

Any comments or questions ?

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