Three Day’s Later – Moving South

Well we had three nights in Kampot City, not the planned one. We are feeling good for it, as we head south west to the beaches and Islands beyond. I’m penning this in the taxi journey, the bus was full as we didn’t book, an earlier lesson I’ve not heeded. Balls!

The reason for the extended stay was a combination of things :

1. The city is safe, friendly & Very Bloody Nice.
2. Our room, shower [yippee 🙂 ] and bed, in an old French style building with loads of charm, was smashing.
3. The bout of crabs! ……..* {see below & also the last blog}.

For such a small city there is lot to keep you occupied, we didn’t actually do much as my stomach unfortunately controlled 70% of our time. The highlights were as follows, listed in order of importance :

1. We located a Wedding Venue 🙂 That we shall be surprised to beat.

2. My Moto skills were considerably improved to somewhere near intermediate 😉 okay maybe. Roundabouts, Bridges, Cows, Dogs & Trucks navigated with somewhat ease.

Old Bridge


3. Chilling out, meeting cool people and reading the independent Kampot Survival Guide, a very comical (fucking funny actually) informative read, giving a good insight not only to the region but to the country as a whole. Composed by a fellow countryman who must be a right laugh. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet the man in person, a bit of character by the sounds of it. Actually thinking now, maybe that’s not such a bad thing, I most probably fucking know him.

4. Getting recommended the best hotel (the King stays there), on the best beach, in Sihanoukville. Also meeting the guy the recommendation came from.

5. Riding in the countryside.

The Cambo Country Side


6. This point – It could be argued should be elevated to number 2. As when checking the rate on Agoda, which was reduced by 64% to a very reasonable $152 a night. I discovered ‘Agoda points’ after quizzically hitting the redeem button. Unbeknown to me, the 3 years of sporadic use had already accrued over 700,000 points which when converted into hard cash equated to a little over three hundred yankee dollars. Yes we could stay for Fucking Free! (if i still had the ifone and it’s automated payment, Agoda points would still be a fucking mystery to me, fuck you apple.)

So there you are readers : Cambodia – We are fucking loving you more and more, Day by Day, almost Minute by fucking Minute. The Kings Hotel of choice, here we come! If it’s good enough for you, it’s more than fucking good enough for us! The bastard budget even thinks so!

* No. Not that those type of crabs, we have only been sexual with each other. I’m meaning the Kep Crab Shits – which made us both, myself in particular, feel a little under the weather. Thank fuck the jet wash is also popular in Kampot otherwise my ring would now be feeling like an old garden shed that’s been sanded for about a week.

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