A Dose Of Crab’s

The first destination is the coastal town of Kep, famous for it’s crab market. It took three hours by taxi, the KP amazed by the condition of the road which is like silk compared to back home. The culinary delight is crab and Kampot pepper which we sample and delicious it is too. The pepper is especially aromatic, pungent even, with a super taste. We try various crab dishes during our two day stay, scrumptious, however we both feel you could become crabbed out, very quickly indeed. I’ve never had crabs myself, but know they are most irritable.

KEP crab

The original reason of travelling to Kep was to visit an Egyptian friend of ours, and discover if this coastal town was indeed a good venue for a wedding. Unfortunately he sold up and moved on just a few days before our arrival. So the many questions I’ve got will need to be answered by email, or someone else we happen to meet. Our accommodation is a basic bungalow, but more than acceptable for the few days we plan to stay. We like the town, very laid back and lazy, with quiet roads that enables us even with my limited bike skills to rent a moped, which we drive to the entrance of the National park. Earlier this year the first time the KP had been in a forest, she just shouted jungely, jungely, jungely repeatedly for a few days. Now she’s in the middle of one and attacks it with gusto.

KP leading the way

KP leading the way

OK it’s mapped out and signposted, but an excellent introduction to trekking, she takes the lead which I’m happy with, firstly I’m impressed with how she just cracks on and also the spider webs are cleared from my path 🙂 After a fair amount of sweat, cuts & scratches we make it to sunset rock.

sunset rock

Then after sun down it’s very interesting making it back out :-), which we manage to do aided by our natural night vision, followed by a 3 click walk back to our wheels.

Next it’s onto Rabbit Island, 30mins by boat to what could be our wedding venue in 2016! 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s nice, but we are not feeling the wedding vibe it’s too raw I believe, not so much for us, but for sure some of our guests for sure. I can hear my sisters words “yeah right oh, we are not fucking staying there mun!”

$7 Bungalow

$7 Bungalow

‘There’ is a $7 bungalow on the beach, very basic without even a fan. The KP is not too impressed either but due to our previous stay on the Island in Thailand, we are both mentally prepared and it’s no bother. Well for one night at least. I’m not sure I’d want to stay a week, regardless of how much it would aid the budget!

The KP has an early night whilst I drink beer and whiskey with a group of guys from the Czech Republic. I joke with them about Jak-e-mash, Borat’s slogan which is in fact Czech not Kazak. I obviously have too much whiskey as I can’t remember now, what it actually means. One of the them has the idea to check out the phosphorus plankton. It’s here also and it’s a lot stronger than we experienced on the Island. Unfortunately it involves skinny dipping with four strangers, all of whom are male, thankfully it’s a non gay event, and the luminous speckles in the water are brighter than my pubic patch.

Rabbit Island

The following morning myself and the KP rise at 06:00 hours, and set off on a 2-3 hour trek around the Island. No map or signposts this time, we just follow our noses until after about 30mins we are aided by man’s best friend, who then leads the way.  We are getting good at this now, the KP has even chosen to wear flip flops, nutter. There is a resemblance of a path to follow, which goes in and out along the coast. There are many crab farms gridded out, and the locals are also harvesting sea weed, maybe they make bread just like the West Walians and their Lava bread back home. Hopefully not, I don’t like that shit! I have only ever tried it twice though, once was enough actually.

After about 2 hours of following the dog we happen upon a few locals, logging, which is no doubt illegal, not that I’ll mention that. They are friendly enough tho’ which is good because the Axes they are wielding look fucking sharp. One of them explains it’s not possible to continue on our way until the tide goes out in a few hours. Just as I’m ready to start the hike back, the KP kindly asks for a lift by boat, which is agreed. We need to say bye to the dog as the captain shoe’s him away. Not to be beaten, when we are 30 metres off shore the dog decides to make a swim for it. Just as we are wondering how we’ll help the canine board, it leaps from the water and with a quick bunk up from myself, it’s aboard affectionately licking my face and head. Dogs are not so bad are they? Maybe we’ll get one before we have kids 😉

Our guide on the boat

We stick to the original plan, one night was enough at Rabbit Island. Following the boat trip back to the mainland we head towards Kampot by Tuk-Tuk. The plan is to stay a night, then move onto the beaches to the south, where our wedding venue is maybe awaiting us.

First things first, we need some digs, hopefully we’ll find something which is a bit more than a wooden bungalow. We need a shower and fast!

Any comments or questions ?

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