Now The Adventure Can Begin In Earnest

So she’s back, and looking good, it’s only 2 hours time difference so combined with the fact she’s a mini Trojan, I’m not expecting her to be whinging about jet lag, like some of my ex-colleagues who were, and no doubt still are, complete fanny’s.

She's Back

She’s Back

I can’t lie I’ve enjoyed myself. Only needing 4 eyes, not 6 has been relaxing, but I have to be honest, I was starting to get bored. Apart from getting my bearings and a few recon ganders, I’ve purposely done little. One of the joys of travelling is sharing that experience with others, be it friends, family or a.n.other(s). Well considering my a.n.other also happens to be my soul mate, it was best to wait before I did anything ‘Tidy’.

Plans for the night of her arrival are sorted, Bale and the boys are in Belgium which kicks off at midnight local time. There are a number of bars where I can most probably get the game on the box, but I’m slightly more passionate about the Footie than your average run of the mill armchair ‘fan’, therefore it’s best we watch it in the room on a feed, I do tend to go a bit mental. Usually I’d be at the game, but there are 2,500 other Welsh with tickets, that’s ten fold what we normally get away, we are top of the group though and the Belgique trip is an easy one. At the end of the game top of the group we remain, as we manage to get a very creditable nil nil draw, with the players showing a unity which has been lacking for decades, roll on Israel in March.

We spend two days basically chilling, she’s not moaned but I want her get over her week of travel – massages, food n drinks then onto the must see, before we leave. That’s Pol Pot and the Killing Fields for a solemn reminder of the Evil that exists in our world. The audio guide is very detailed and moving, it’s hard to imagine that what went on, was during my life time. When the dictator first put his crazy plan into action I was 3 years old. Other atrocities have followed and there is still total madness happening today, right now. The true extent of what, who actually knows? It took the rest of the world years to uncover what Pol Pot actually did, and he got away with it. The respect I have for the Cambodian’s goes to another level. The faces on the pictures of the people at S21, will stay with us forever.

what went on discovered in the early 80’s

We need a bit of something else and find it at the Russian Market, a chaotic hive of stalls, nothing at all like a Ruskie Bazaar. The only thing Russian is the name, just as well as I have no need for an Ushanka for the next few months at least. All my bald head needs is factor 50 sun cream.

With our respects paid and the KP revitalised, we decide to move on. We have a rough plan which involves going south, then west, north, south east and then north again to exit Cambo before my time is up, which is about 20 days away.

The main plan though is to play it by ear and see how it goes, whatever, lets just hope it’s fun.

Any comments or questions ?

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