Phnom Penh – Please Forgive Me !

Well I didn’t want to stay! I can’t hide the fact – it’s blogged!

That was mainly based on my first visit 12 years previous. My second visit 5 years later was only fleeting, one night with Billy on the way to Sihanoukville. He was holed up there for a while, on the run from his Mad Mrs, the Poisoned Playstation [need a word here – please comment], he did about 9 months before she tracked him down. Which is not a bad little stint, the main bonus was that he finally escaped for good a little later, with his bit’s intact too. She liked cutting things & Thai ladies are famously know for cutting that all important ‘thing’ so well done Billy.

Nice town it was too, though I’ve not been hearing good things about it lately, heard it’s got a little bit too much like Pattaya.

That can’t be said about Phnom Penh. Okay I’ve not done any of South America, Tokyo, Oz or Sarf Africa, but I’ve had a fair gander. I can honestly tell you Phnom Pehn is the best city I have visited. Better than NYC, Lundunistan, the French one with the tower, all those in Russia and for sure Bangfkinkok! OK I’m currently excited as the KP is almost back here, but I made this decision last night. Even the unsavoury incident on the Tuk-Tuk was a blessing and has given me a new lease of life, more of that later, but I’m back in the real world!

Festival Crowd

It’s so Vibrant and Alive, yet the people are so calm and collected. There’ll be action here also if you want it, but even the bar girls are not pestering you for drinks, they have manners. Gastronomically – I’ve had 3 different meals at 3 different venues, each one being betterer 😉 than the last. I’ve not been looking for top eateries either, that passion has to wait for the KP, I’ve either got lucky or Top Nosh is possibly just common. The service is something which has impressed the most i think, along with those BiG Smiles, it’s exemplary!

OK the service in the UK is generally pretty decent, you wouldn’t think it tho’ the amount every one bitches about it. I used to, be a top complainer back home, not anymore unless it is really warranted. That’s due to the fact I’ve been to Russia, what a fuck up the service is there. You can be waiting as much as 20mins to get a drink, let alone the food. Then your main will come before your soup. God help you if your waitress is on her fag break when you want another pint. The other free waitresses, and there can be as many as fucking Five of them, will not serve you, they can’t. Everyone has their one specific little task, and you just need wait. The good old soviet union, it’s amazing they managed to get to outer space I can tell you.

Hotel pick up

Yebat – Hotel pick up

I do like Moscow thought it’s a top place, also vibrant, you need plenty of coin and the lingo helps, but I’ve had some cracking times there ! Elsewhere in Russia too.

So Phnom Penh please forgive me & show the KP a good time. I’m not sure how long she’ll want to stay, but I’m in no rush to fuck off, that’s for sure.

Any comments or questions ?

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