Insanity ? – What Was I Thinking !

I don’t care where you go, you will always find something that’s better than back home. In Kazakhstan for example it’s the food 🙂 Ok I’m joking, sorry love. Even Farley’s rusks are too spicy for them. There it’s the countdown at the crossing, let’s you know how long you got to get to the other side, great idea! Here in Asia and most notably in Thailand, top of my list, it’s the Jet wash, a hand held bidet with a trigger. Thankfully the bathroom here has got one, which makes having the shits not as painful an experience, as it can be at home. Yes feeling rough again – I’m struggling to do Insanity – I’m going to give it a little go without Shaugh T tho’. That cunt would give me a heart attack right now.

OK – enough of that. I did Twenty reps of the warm up, those mountain climbers are a fucker. No more, I’ll wait for the KP we can drive each other on, if we stop laughing for long enough that is. Fuck I miss her, only 2 days to go though.

Me & KP

Another massage is on the agenda – fuck I forgot butt kicks (ST’s words not mine) and high knees. Fuck that was a bad idea, resulted in an oral visit to the bog. OK I’m offksi after another shower, even sitting down doing sweet FA in this humidity makes you sweat like a bitch.

Just back feeling mighty fine, had the treatment of a king at the massage place. Oil massage followed by a facial, no not the type that now seems compulsory in porn, & a gentle foot massage at the same time. It was mint and invigorating, which was proved by me knocking out 25 push-ups before paying. Insanity feels like it is just around the corner.

The facial

Due to me wanting to get up to speed so to speak, I feel that I’ve not given describing Phnom Penh the respect and words it deserves. In my opinion one of the major factors on determining whether a place is good or not, is the people. It’s why in Kazakhstan the reason as to why, again in my opinion, that Aksai is better than Atyrau. Why Wales is better than England, the people are just generally more friendly. Ask anyone who has visited both England and Wales and 95% of them will say they preferred their time in Wales. I’m giving 5% leeway as we have idiots also, and there’s always chance you’ll meet them. So if you are planning a trip to the UK, check out my theory, Wales is cracking. Yes the Cambodian people are mega friendly, big beaming smiles. The general level of service also is fantastic. Now I don’t know if this friendly atmosphere is reserved purely for the tourist areas? Like it tends to be in the Land of a thousand smiles, venture off the beaten track so to speak and the Thais are generally rude and ignorant, not a warm smile in sight being quite common. Here it seems different, for sure, it’s about the money but the happiness tends to run deeper. I’m excited by the prospect of finding out just how deep, just today I picked up a Lonely Planet guide, as I need start planning our onward trip.

The KP is back in just two days time :-). I think I’ll leave the blogging until then, give chance for something of note happen, tho’ as there’s every chance something stupendous occurs tonight, if so I’ll let you know.

Any comments or questions ?

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