A Warm Welcome to Real Time Blogging

I’ve done it! Caught up with myself, not in the Irish sense where they sometimes tell you to “catch on to yer self!”. It’s taken me almost a month, but I’m there, I’m blogging live.

Right now I’m thinking about why Billy can’t make this weekend and also the big game on Sunday. Hope it’s on the box somewhere, but incase it’s not I need find the bestest best of the bestest internet connection in town, 4 meg would will be brilliant. Less than 2 the radio will do, always takes me back to nights of mayhem in my 6×12′ bedroom, back home. The City on the Radio is intense, but nowhere near as intense as teletext. For those not in the know you’ll need ask google. Thinking about it though, teletext was possibly the idea which spawned the internet. Yes the Brits invented that also.

OK I’m not quite up to date now, a day out. Last night I wanted to post I was heading out for a few, that’s what I did, but at the second venue, the first being a gay bar at the end of the street, the waiters looked lovely by the way. I decide to have an early one, I got wedding invites to design and they need be sent before we depart the capital. Then as I was leaving I spotted the bogs and I could need a piss. What I didn’t realise was, I could need a spew also, and did so quite violently. Feeling right as rain, I decide to stay out for a few more.

Heading by tuk-tuk then to Martini’s, careful to keep my timepiece ungrab-able. Thankfully the Milguass and Chromat are at home. I refuse to leave my Seiko in the safe, if we worried too much, we’d only be in underwear.

I enjoy a few games of darts with a difference, proof of the popular Thai T-shirt slogan, Same Same but different. Yes this is Asia. The outer bull is worth 50 and the Bull itself 70. I lose all 3 games but make some local friends. I’m looking forward to teaching KP darts, for sure she would not have played. Pool has made it to the RoK, but darts is still a bit too exclusive. I’ve been to here before, for sure, most probably with Billy and his brother, it’s familiar. I can’t remember any details but I’m sure we were happy with the ladies at the venue as there’s a fair selection. They seem highly impressed that I have a lady and not interested in being a boy. I get drinks for the bar, and then head on to another place, more lively with music and lights.

I’m not sure when I left but I got home safe, I’d guess it was about two. Anyways it’s taken me about 4 hours to get out of bed today, apart from brief visits to the bog for more spewing. Now tho’ I’ve been out and back at the hotel blogging. I went out specifically to get shaving gel/foam, fucking forgot it I did. Tho’ I did remember to collect the laundry, grab a lush coffee & mango cocktail in the venue where we had the best food of the adventure so far. Me and KP will Defo do Happy Hour here 5-7.



Then [the KP will be pissed off if she’s reading this] had a cracking massage, no happy finish thankfully, just lush. Just what the doctor ordered, and along with the Baileys I’m currently supping make me feel all ready for another night of shenanigans.



Insanity tomorrow, there’s space in the room, so no excuses! Also need kick off the wedding invites – That’s the plan anyways. I hope to fuck I keep the first part of the bargain. If my body ballon’s much more, I won’t be able to fuck, and I don’t like KP when she’s grumpy.





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