Alone Again.

We agreed the plan. I couldn’t do Bangkok again – a place you can have some of, but dont want toooooo much of. Plus it’s half a dollar a beer! I’ve given the budget a bit of stick lately, but now it makes total sense.

The trip itself turned out not as straight forward as it was meant to be. The bank blocked my card without letting me know, even tho’ the website said booking confirmed. Thankfully KP’s ticket got re-booked. Not mine tho’ only managed one way – all flights full! 2 airlines, 7 flights, all booked, 2days!

Air or Road ? – I choose Air to Siem Reap, it’s a nice place anyways. But the plan was to get the bus ride down same day. I’m too late and without the aid of an extorsionate taxi fare, today it’s not possible. Agoda once again finds me a mint hotel, the extremely friendly staff are laugh a minute, the 6 month old boy has the same name as me, which provides sporadic moments of hilarity over the next 18hrs. Two beers and a curry n rice for $4, a mad chat with a Bulgarian about Balkan Airlines, then a 45min gander & back in the room.

The bus [Reklama] Giant Ibis, sounded good, booked at reception for $15 for a 7 hour trip, the 12:30 departure, being most acceptable. They even collect you from your digs, tag your bag and take you to the bus. Having paid an additional $2 I’m on the ‘best bus in Cambo’! Thats what they said in the hotel and I can’t argue. There’s power sockets at each seat, a bit of free grub & water, Wi-Fi !!, and Jumanji followed by the new planet of the apes film on the telly.

A qnaked balconuick baggage drop off and collection elsewhere, I’m ready to ascend the 100 or so steps to my room. I decline the help so packed-up here goes, I need a bit of exercise anyway – it’s why I chose the 4th floor, over the 2nd plus the view is most acceptable and it’s secluded. I reckon I could have brekkie there bollocky, infront of the flowers.

Soon I head out, without a plan, other than just to wander. A bar or two and I’m soon wandering in the wrong direction, a quick bearings check, aided by the iphone and I’m soon at the waterfront, the far end. A very cool hotel/bar/club with a band, which i’ve missed. I’ll come back with KP. One more bar and then home on a tuk-tuk, then in flash my 5s is gone, travelling down the street at 5x times our pace. I stupidly ask the driver why the fuck he’s not chasing them. “but Sir, this as fast I can go” I laugh my head off!

So after me, no more 4 hours previosuly, telling a Finish commuter on the bus, be careful! I get robbed! Another friendly reminder – It wasn’t at gun or even knife point. Painless actually, the exchange  lasted a second or less. The little cunt even looked me in the eye! Fair do’s, my guard was down, we are fair game. I cannot remember who said it – Me, Billy or his brother. It doesn’t matter who, what was said does – “We are walking, flashing $ signs.” It’s no different today, thank fuck it wasn’t by bag with it’s mac and all sorts of shit, the blue book! I’d be fucked without that book. For fucking sure – It could have been a whole lot worse, we were on a quiet street 75m away from street lighting behind and front.

I acknowledge the silent message from the man upstairs, and thankful for it. I can do without my phone, not that it’s my immediate thought, I love the HDR photos, but yes lets give that a go. Chained to the fucking thing I was becoming, nice chance to give all that shit and the fucking book in particular a rest. Plus I’m free of that new fucking feature that was starting to fkinirritate me, that zoom shit. WTF is that – No kidding, I’ve missed maybe 30 plus shots in 3 weeks, photos are all about the moment, since Jobs your going down hill. I won’t be getting a fucking 6 thats for sure. I’m all thinking I might miss out now, with the shots, but then I think of the K7, we are soon to get properly connected again baby.



Any comments or questions ?

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