Making The Most Of It.

The evening of the news, we stayed in. Our mood wasn’t so good but the real reason was, she had the shits. I find this hilarious as I had a bout of it on the island, which she found funny, payback baby!

So now we have two more nights in Phnom Pehn. The first one at this hotel. Then we need find another. The robbing bastards try to charge us $149. When we politely decline the price then gets adjusted to $60. I check the net, it is still $40, fuck that, we are moving. The owner a fellow Sheep Shagger, not Welsh, but from New Zealand, seemed like a nice guy as well. Maybe not, or his staff are poorly trained, which I doubt. I take pleasure from the thought, of him reading my Agoda review.

Well they were right. It’s better, the city, a lot better !! It has transformed at break neck speed. In my opinion the main improvement is that it’s safer. The government must have had a drive to protect tourists, I imagine that crimes committed involving tourists carry a much heavier punishment. That’s just my guess tho’. For sure you’ll still need to watch your back, but the need to jog from bar to bar is no longer there.

It’s difficult to explain the city, but I’ll try. It’s chicken oriental, but at the same time, strangely calm. More manic than Bangkok, more chilled out than the Island, surreal. We both like it, lots, helped by the fact beers are on average $0.75. I’m not converting here that is the currency – One colour money, the Yankee dollar. Yes Cambodian riel is the official cash, 4,000 of them to a dollar, your pockets soon full of them. It’s a bit like winning at monopoly.

We don’t tend to do much, apart from winding each other up like we are thirteen. The KP is hilarious, it seems all we do is laugh our fkin heads off. There are times to be serious tho’ like when you need to cross the road. It seems impossible, but you just need step out and pray, I find closing your eyes also helps.  Miraculously the traffic slows, or parts or whatever but you always seem to make it to the other side.

The water festival is even more crazy, not like the one In Thailand every April where everyone soaks each other. Not that I’ve been, but heard that’s what happens. Here it seems there are just LOADS of people and many dragon style boat races, it’s very lively.

water festival

During our stay we also enjoy a roof top, cocktail aided, sunset. Tremendous food known at home as ‘posh grub’. A plate of Sea Bass presented over garlic mash, Master Chef style. Another dish, fish cakes as good as any I’ve tried in London’s wanky west end restaurants. Both dishes coming in at an astonishing $6 a piece. I’m loving this city more & more by the minute. Bet this place is wicked at night with fancy fuck off cocktails, bet they are $4 🙂 🙂 🙂 Ahhhh there’s a happy hour advertised, I mentally note the time.



Back to Bangkok it is then. Usually we’d be excited, but this is a trip of necessity. We pay the night the respect it deserves and do sweet FA. Well the KP has a foot massage, whilst I use the free time to continue my latest wanky obsession of blogging.

The following day rather than a morning hand shandy, I’m blogging at breakfast, like Michael J Fox, back 2 the future. Soon we are at the airport and all checked in.

We hug, kiss & say our good byes. Then I head to my gate.

I’m going back to Cambo, to wait her return :-).

Any comments or questions ?

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