Change Of Plan…..

As I’m writing this its four days into the future and we are both having breakfast in a Bangkok hotel. The flight to Kazakhstan leaves in about 4 hours.

On the second Cambo morning, the Kazak Princess receives news from home, the type of news that we all dread, especially when overseas. A bereavement, her grandfathers. He had a good innings, was 85!

The life expectancy in the RoK is considerably less than the UK. So 85 almost makes him ancient, he did well, God (Allah) bless his soul. Whilst consoling the girl of my dreams. I can’t but help think about when I received similar news.

My Gransh passed when he was 83. One hell of a man was Gwilym. When I heard he’d gone I felt relieved, even happy for a split moment. Makes me angry now, that thought. At the time I was in the RoK, my mother was undergoing a hip op, it’s a lengthy process, much can go wrong. I received a call from the girl in my life at that time, also from the valleys, the same one actually. ‘Brrrring, brrrring’. I answer, she’s at the end of the line sounding all distraught “call your dad, right away” – “why what’s up” – “is best you call your dad.” Naturally I think something went wrong with the op and my mothers gone!! I frantically call my dad. “Alright butt, bad news for you. Gwilym passed away last night” The stupid fucking bitch, my favourite grandfather popped his clogs and I feel relieved. Ok it was only initially, but that was my feelings right there and then. Makes me feel embarrassed and angry now. She was stupid! tho’ couldn’t even fucking spell properly, even in her late 20’s.

Naturally our mood is low especially KP’s, we play some sombre music, whilst discussing about the man. They were close, so she obviously needs to go home. Thankfully we are not in a remote location. However even if we were to leave right now, it’s not possible to attend the funeral which is strictly on the third day. The occasion tho’ is also marked on the 7th, 40th & 100 days after his passing.

The first thing we do is extend our stay in the hotel by a nite, $60, which is 20 more than we’ve paid online by the way. Then it’s the flights, unlike flying to the UK there are only two options. Aeroflot through Moscow or Air Astana through Almaty, one departure each a day from Bangkok. Cost is roughly the same, both a big dent in the budget but needs must. It’s down to convenience, Aeroflot wins out, even tho there’s a 13 hour wait in the Russian capital on the return. Yes a thirteen hour wait, work that one out you Brits, you don’t know your born, I can tell you! The Air Astana route, the duration was chicken oriental.

So with that all sorted, we now have two days to enjoy before we head off as required. No stress, we’ll be back.

Any comments or questions ?

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