Achievement Unlocked – A Thousand Points Clocked.

I’m so glad to let you all know – that the KP is not only my girl, but my fiancé. Thanks love, see you soon xxx! 🙂

I’m at BKK, she’s landed, we now only separated by immigration. A slightly bigger hurdle than if you is British. Being Kazak you need apply for a visa upon arrival, with photo n stuff. The bigger issue is, you only get 15 days in the kingdom, compared to my Welsh Ass 30. It just means we need to maximise our time, as 3 weeks is the minimum amount of holiday time I would recommend here. It’s really is that good! It’s worth the flight just for the grub alone.

There she is 🙂 🙂 🙂 we embrace a little too passionately, well is has been 3 weeks. Some locals looked appalled! Thais don’t do public affection, actually, I think it’s forbidden. Coz at first glance that’s what people think, that my fiancé is Thai. We know this already, we were here in March. Even she knows the score.

OK jabs needed – was not possible at the city she hails from, I need a few also. Then we proceed to the hotel by bright coloured taxi, pink from memory. She is equally as impressed with the room as myself. Considering that we have stayed in hotels where the room has cost 1250% more (being an engineer, i just had to calculate that – scary). We eat at the Yanky rib place, burger and a few drinks, then some at a streeet bar. Then it’s closed, as Bangkok now officially closes at 02:00, and has done for a considerable time. We get a tuk-tuk, Drive is mental, flat out. Due to the exhilaration of the ride we agree to Drive’s earlier suggestion of going to a club ‘spicy’. It’s OK enough, but nowt special and a bit of a knocking shop. A fair selection of guys on the pull and Thai freelancers. We should leave and agree to do so, but not before the KP is mistaken for being available both by the girls & the guys. Myself, I receive a jiggy jiggy bottom thing at the bar off a black hottie. We do finally get out, but not before I receive a friendly punch on my arm, right in the jab, from some Spaniard who studied in South Wales. Cheers Amigo!

Today we need get the KP a rucksack, T-shirts with Kazak designs & also to send winter clothing to Billy. T-shirts are not possible, no time. Package is sent by a very efficient & helpful team at the Thai post office and the rucksack also bagged. After much of a search, she has somehow ended up with an Osprey ruck sack with 40% off. I’m jealous as the pack is the dog’s nad’s, which is no surprise as the company have a great reputation. It’s not all sadness for me tho’ as I’ll be carrying it sometimes. The handle feels exactly like one of those expensive plastic pussies you can get today. The handle moulds to your grip, it’s hardly a chore. Which is a bonus as we travel tomorrow. We also remember to get the cards from pat pong and the action cam I spotted.

We arrive home quite late from a very busy day, it’s like 11:30, so easy to just crash. I leave the decision to her, Epic! She wants to go out, the little Trojan! I suppose it’s why she’s right up my street. Soon the taxi is dropping us at the RCA, it’s banging, we bop & booze. Laser show is well good, even for me, a 90’s raver. KP thinks it’s amazing so we catch a video or two.

[vid to be added]

Morning, Rise & Shine. It’s the 1st time for us to get sacked up, mine is weighing in at about 20, hers 15kg, as she’s small she looks mad :-). Thank fuck for Insanity with Shaugh T & the BTS, the combination make it a non-challengeable backpack venture. It’s a pleasure actually, maybe pleasurable as we are heading to the South West of Thailand a town which is an hours flight. Tomorrow it’s to the Island, the reason why we came back.

Any comments or questions ?

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