May The Countdown Commence

On the home straight now old kid, not the time to trip up. Plenty of hazards tho’. Okay okay people. I know I’m harking on about it. However Bangkok, it’s like navigating an army obstacle course that’s on fucking fire. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’ve not grown up like I thought. Need chill for a bit.

I’ve located a nice little funky club. Bangkok is full of them if u are willing to explore. My exploring was done with the around me app and some night club review site. Balls it’s Monday, the place is closed. Ok what else is close by? A micro brewery bar that I can see, with expats, no doubt moaning about their daily grind, speaking shop. Let’s check the map, Fuck, close to Soi Cowboy again!! Might as well take a look then 😉 Fortunately I’m closer to the end with the music bar. I retire there, the band are great I get involved in the rage against the machines

I won't do what you tell me

Fuck You – I won’t do what you tell me!

The following band are shite, killed by the female vocalist. I chat with Facebook and what’s app oblivious to the lack lustre singer, the music and girls who are after drinks. I do get a drink for the waitress who starts emulating me texting away, funny as fuck to be honest. Well we all have to be honest don’t we, we have all become to look like crazy fools in this day n age. Staring at our dumbphones, hitting the screen almost like we are carving a Welsh love spoon. That’s what they used to do back in the day, the Welsh boys in love, whittle away at a piece of wood to create a spoon, to give the girls they loved. This day and age we hardly got time to shit! The piss take is a good sign for another early one, I can do my whittling back at the room. I award myself a gold star and head back to the digs and crash.

The Kazak Princess has already started making tracks, the weddings her attendance was required at, done. We can almost start our trip in earnest. Just one day to go! Less than 24 hours actually :-).

Today I have plans, certain shit to find, namely, where to get Jabs, print t-shirts, pick up an original ruck-sack, post a package to a Thai address and take a load of photos for Billy. I set off and my luck must be in, within a 90 minute gander around town I locate all, with a load of shots bagged too. Who needs a map, Bangkok is like Cardiff, just follow your nose.

Well actually, a map is a must. I’ve been walking up this fucking road now for what seems like 2 hours or more, not possible to go left or right, or cross over. Just to keep going the only option, sweating my bollocks off as I do. Thankfully there are a string of University’s all along this road. Meaning there are plenty of the food stalls, with an array of delights. Sticky buns and colourful tarts. Street food student style, always something new to see in Bangkok, regardless how many times you’ve been before.

What I want now tho’ is to see something I fucking recognise, or at least close to it. I continue trudging onwards. There is something ahead, a crossing, at least I’ll be able to turn. I get more than that tho’ a huge Yanky steak house, with ribs n shit. Not really my type of place, but it’s like an Oasis. Thankfully it ain’t a mirage. They got cold beer, the coldest in town in you believe the sign. All I can do is agree, in earnest, and have 3 just to make sure.

It’s dark now as I depart with the knowledge that the BTS “Is just around the corner.” Hang about here now. This is too familiar, a few strip joints, boys town, male massage. Mmmm that don’t sound good does it 😳. Not my cup of tea to be honest. And there it is, the sign that confirms it.


The place where it all started, for the six in ’99 and also the sex industry in Bangkok, I do believe. This is the area Famous for the ping pong shows, razor blades, darts n balloons, even drawing pics with marker pens. I still got mine n Billy’s fanny art doodle at home, our names are on it, well it’s at me mums actually in the garage with another load of shit. I could take a step back in time here and tell another tale. However I’m going to avoid the temptation. I still got 2 weeks of action to blog-up on, I want to be blogging in real time see if that’s as much fun.

I make the most of my unexpected arrival, as now this area has a crazy night market selling everything a tourist could dream up and more. The sleaze is still here, but now it’s all about bargains & if your good, you’ll get some great ones. Learn numbers in Thai is my advice, all the way to a thousand. I spot a nice go-pro type cam, some boxers that’ll do and mega funky 3D cards, that are great for a particular purpose. Job done I head back to the digs, on the BTS may I add, need an early one, the KP lands at 9. Need be there waiting.

Any comments or questions ?

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