Six days to go!

Hotel is great, WTF was I doing staying in 4 & 5 star accom, only an idiot can tell you! The only significant difference I can point out is lack of carpet, which means it’s cleaner. Also no bathrobe, and a hair on the bed. Right I’m calling reception to complain about this 🙂 only kidding.

OK what to do? A soapy massage is out of the question for sure. Best to find your bearings then, always a top tip when travelling, one that many fail to apply. Anyways as previously posted the hotel is in a good location, a 10min stroll to the BTS. You pass a Thai massage place, open air eateries with the usual, unusual fair on display. The occasional beggar and 24hr corner shop. Up a few flights of stairs and there it is, gateway to the city, sweat free. Yes the BTS sky train really has helped unconjest this crazy city. Not that you’d believe it though clocking the traffic.

A rewind to the beggars. We are not talking about your average scrounger in a tracksuit. Those that bother the citizens of many cities in the UK, asking for spare change. Now wait, I don’t mean the Big Issue crew. They are effectively doing a paid job. The ones I’m referring to in particular, are the Forty, Forty Pence Thieves that roam the centre of Cardiff, the capital of Wales. They earned their name coz there’s about forty of the little bastards, all asking for 40 fucking pence. The bastard cheek on them! Now, who ever dreamt up why exactly 40 fucking pence, is the dream fucking number should be given a fucking medal or jailed, not sure which. Anyway it sure as fuck works. Tourists, piss-heads & little old grannies in particular, continually shelling out $ to these little fucking weasels, for their so called bus fair home. Wankers!

Apologies for the high content of expletives then, but they get my fkin back up. Guaranteed within 10 mins of hitting the city. It’s as common as ‘mind the gap’ in London after a little tap, wink or nod – “excuse me sir, but do u have 40 pence you can spare me?” Aye if I had forty fucking pence, like fuck am I going to give it to you.

The beggars I’m referring to here are those on the floor, without hands, exercising to keep fit. Some both legs missing, others disfigured in a way that’s difficult to describe. Yes always good to have pockets of coins in Bangkok, or notes, the smallest denomination is 20 baht, which spookily enough is about 40p. Some of the sights will make your heart bleed. Plenty of unscrupulous also tho’. Young children out on the streets, way past their bed times, selling flowers or gum, whilst their parents lay in wait.

Right I have just one night on my own, as tomorrow, a very good friend of mine Billy, is coming to visit the bright lights of the big city. He’s been in country more than 10yrs, can speak more than a bit of the lingo,  happily surviving off the land. I can’t wait, him however, he’s been on the edge of the jungle for a period which is longer than you really should. I bet he’s on pins! Let’s hope he don’t get blotto, he was known as being a bit punchy after a few.

I hope we do get drunk a bit tho’ and have a right good laugh. It’s been a while.

Any comments or questions ?

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