Getting ready for the chance of a lifetime trip

Off in a few days, and starting to get my head together for the trip. Being a seasoned traveller you’d think it would not be a problem. However, as I’m used to my travel and digs being funded by an O&G engineering outfit, it’s not straight forward! Even when I’ve footed the bill, being on a budget would mean choosing a four star hotel, not five.

Yes folks – For the 1st time ever, I’m backpacking, or as a close friend recently commented flashpacking as he reckons I’m a flashpacker! Plenty of time later for my thoughts regarding the friend in mention, but for now, lets just say from a fashion stand point. He’s let himself go a bit, but I suppose that’s inevitable when you’ve been living of the edge of the boon-rani jungle for 10 years or more.

Anyways, regardless of what those looking in, from the out, might think, I’m relishing the thought! I was brought up right, never forget where you’re from they say, for ffin sure. Thankfully where I am from is a unique South Welsh Valley, and well, ladies and gentlemen, if you do come from there, it’s a blessing! It makes you unique, gives you an edge. Unfortunately for some, it’s a blessing in disguise and the majority are still yet to fathom out how to rise above the stigma ‘they’ continually disperse upon us. Balls to that ‘We’ fuelled the Industrial revolution. I’m sorry, but you won’t keep me down!

Who knows what hand you’ll get dealt today! Always, without fail, make the most of the hand you have, as there’s always others worse off. If today it’s a full house, I’ll admit I’m partial to a drop of Champoo, but Bow also does the job and depending on your mood, can taste just as sweet.

OK here we go I’m off out, need my backpack and for the first time in quite a long time, I need to check the price before I stick my card in the reader.

Any comments or questions ?

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